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i beat the pentagon boss but cannot go into blue room plz help

man you dont grab the key 
to grab the key do you need to defeat he again and go down and there is the key with the sharp

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i downloaded the 64-bit version and it wouldnt open because windows says it opens a virus help. Its the same with the 32-bit version

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How do i have a 64-bit version without it saying there's a virus on my screen. Do you have a different Virus protection program

I think that if you go to 'more information' it shows the button 'open anyway'


i like it,its very great its graphics and gameplay

i downloaded it to my mac and every time i start it my ball just gets stuck in a endles loop of explosions plz help


wait, I just fixed it, I went to stats and reset the stats and then it worked.


I downloaded with the win64 bit download and I couldn't customize my character or even do the boss fights? Did I install it wrong or what?

Do win32 i guess.

When i run it through virus total it says its a trojan injector. Is it safe?

yes, the game's very fun too. Dani isnt the type of guy to make a virus so dont worry.


Some virus software is actually a virus.  A tip, if the software makes you click a link to get ride of the virus, then the software is a virus.   Proper virus software will just block the game.  If you click the link (in the virus software) it could install a virus or make you give away personal information.

a h

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The game is safe. Just run it and it will be fine.

guys just get a mobile emulator and download it on there

wahts a mobile emulator

mobile emulators are virtual devices that are used to mimic the functionality of real devices and imitate a user's actions to recreate operational behaviors.

"a mobile emulator" are you saying for me to play yoshi island 2

i played once and left then i came back and it wont work i even redownloaded and i play on mac im confused  any help?

i have the same problem


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bug: mine is windows 10  it says downloaded but it wont and it isnt someone help

what does the key that u get after defeating the circle boss do can anyone help

it opens one of the locks on the red box, you have to defeat the other boss when u get the triangle to get the other key then in the portal u face a pentagon, i have not defeated him yet on my game



you go the opposite way

Guys can you help me with the second last shape.What i need to do in blue portal?Seriously.I need the answer.Please help me.The shape after Pentagon.Thanks if you guys help me.


Help me :v

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I dont fully understand what you want, but if you are asking for a way to beat the Pentagon I can help

1. When he is doing the red phase, you can press the auto bounce button for instant immunity. He should stop when the effect wears off(unless if it is a low level auto bounce)

2. During pink phase you can do circles around him to not only dodge the missiles but also use the missiles against him

3. When he is doing nothing just spam your body at him to maximize damage

As for the blue portal, it's just a place where all the shapes are squares. There is nothing to do there

I am sorry that I am 2 months too late but I hope this helps :)

Edit: tip 1, 2, and 3 go for any shape bosses btw


I do not know what to do in the blue portal. There are square there. That's basically it

How to get the love shape

u should make a 3d game next!!!!!!!

can you make it a .rar file?

how do you actually open .rar files?


So, there's this bug on pc where, if you press space, you have auto bounce without even buying it. And, when you use a ball that moves you in a dungeon, it lets you walk on lava.

Please make it so it’s on apple

yes I feel same way

he cant he had one week but apple takes to long to get contact to have apple supported games so its only on android, samsung, ect

unless he does a new video of 2d games he wont be able to


i downloaded it and i dont know whare it is


File Search In This PC in File Explorer

idk where to post bugs
Bug: when you choose push in the settings and play a game and then you switch to pull and play it will be push. 

Can i play this game on ipad and if yes how?

You can play on PC or on a Android device.

hey can you add multiplayer. multiplayer team and multiplayer battle,

That'd be hard for PC but would be a good idea for the mobile version.

That wold be cool 

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Hi guys,

how do I unlock the extras? So far I have everything unlocked except for the extras, where I only have two unlocked (the smiling face and the "empty"/original face, but I would really like to unlock the remaining extras


I am pretty sure that there is no way to get more extras now



Does anyone know where are located game saves? I would like to move my game to different computer without loosing any progress.


Again...File Search

ow do i turn love off. I bought it but now its just really distracting. Can i turn it off at all? Also how do i reset???

Thanks in advance

To reset, try reinstalling the game.


Can you beat my record?

Nice score!


Holy sh-

My highscore is above 100 million now😂

Deleted 193 days ago

no advertising!

Please Release the Game on Window 10 Store

Hello guys ( Dani) i have a question: What happens when u reset? Bc the cap is lvl 99 and i want to double the money you get when you watch an ad. When u cap u only get the ad money times one and thats just too much hard work to watch all the ads

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can you break my score...?

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LOL I mobile

i broke the game 

my highscore



high score 10 mil yeet

What da pentagon key used for?

unlock the blue box called square area

nothing yet



Oh yay I'm in the blue level

how did you get in the blue box?


I dont know either


defeat the pentagon boss

by defeating the square and circle boss then go to red box and defeat pentagon boss

Where are the square and circle boss

Where do we find the pentagon boss

beat square boss and ball boss will open red box, and pentagon boss is inside the red box

u dont need to beat square; second key is just floating in space

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We need a leaderboard I think. There are so many players with much score. I wanna see the highest score :p

how do i open game i do not have any .exe

How do you download the game ?

Extract the file and then click into the extracted file. You should be seeing an application named Balls Click on it

It did not work

My High Score

My High Score

1 hour after downloading this game my score is 47,200

I cannot play it somehow..

not me either


So, my highscore atm is 11million maybe an idea to have an all around score board, but that we can play the game offline to, on pc the AD's dont work and if i multiplie and explode at the same time it will be ghost blocks, i can see them but cant 'claim' them,  for the rest a perfect game.

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