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bro is this game from mobile for windows


Afiyin-anyone still playing this game 😅 Me-Yes Afiyin im playing this game

anyone still playing this game 😅

thats kinda SUSSSSS

balls funny lol

i love the feeling of playing with balls in this game. it souths my soul. the balls were so realistic i could almost taste them. definitely recommend   


tried to find on google by searching balls wouldnt reccommend

Bally Balls

This is a really good game! Its way better than the other game about balls.

love it

Ball  ?!?!?!?

great game just ive pointed out a bug  see the first lvl in the green portal u can use the auto bounce in the store in the lvl and u can walk on lava for a short period of time

It's a feature :)

This game is so addicting, ive been playing for so long!

thats what she said




thats what she said

i like you dani but......

like my name sayes f**k you beacuse this game caust 20$ with thisamount il ather buy a lot off milk :P 

but to be real realy liking your vidoes.

make a s*x game please

This game is free



how to fix ''You do not have permission to open the application “Mac”.'' on a mac????????????????


game crashes if you open the Linux version of this game in windowed mode lol


Hey, Can I use these mechanics and art style for a puzzle game?

did u get an answer and are u allowed to use it?
Cuz I have the same question


can you put the new games balls on iPad or apple please Dani 

actually to put it on ipad or iphone you need a mac computer and i dont think that dani would do that

It also costs 99$ a year because since apple users are rich they expect the devs to be too!

ohh didn't know that ty.

and btw he already said that in his vide


Although I found a bug where if you spam click before hitting lava you can bounce off of it

Play my game it is hard that milk!
The Door! 2

How do select the smiley.   I Destroyed 1500 balls

cclick it, and then go in customize


guess I just don't die then...

LOL 69



comedy 100

this game gave me a bluecsreen >:C f dani

installed 32 or 64 bit? install the appropiate one for ur pc


im down loading it rn bcz my friend said it cool


nice game I love it!
is actually better then a bad game!


Yay ball less people can play with balls now


including ur mom 


oh jeez


bro what



balls yeah


I beat the square and circle then got their keys but then died, and did the obstacle course thing in the green portal. The keys arent there if i redo the bosses but I cant access any portals but the green one.

Because if you get the key once it auto-saves.
Heres a map of the portals:

Green portal reward: New shape

To enter the blue portal you must complete the red one

To open the red one you need to get the 2 keys that the square and circle boss gives you. (once you get a key its always yours so you can use it without getting it again, thats why its not dropping on the 2nd time you beat bosses)

After you beat both bosses, go on the 2 locks and it will open the gates 1 by 1

Beat the pentagon boss to get the last key

Then you can open the blue portal.

(just a reminder, the 1st 2 keys you get are for the red portal.)

im pretty good at the game now! 10/10 very addicting and THIC


I like playing with balls :)

Oh, also, does anyone know what karlson is?

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its just a little game he's working on

wishlist on steam now, GAMERS


its on itch already. i think jeremy is on vacation, so...

wow tat was realy cool.

wow tat was realy cool

wow tat was really cool

this is the full version

Cheat Engine For Hacks... I AM OP



gave the game a shot... i suck at it but man it is fun

wowthatwasreallycool, but sometimes there is a I didn't touch that moment, it is subjective i think, possibly, maybe?



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