A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"its just a game about balls man"

Do you like playing with balls? Of course you like balls. In this stupid game you can launch into other balls to obtain points. There's also bullet-time slowmotion stuff, so thats pretty cool lol

(PS: Only for real gamers)

Controls: Use mouse to point and click

The making of this game:

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tags2D, Arcade


Balls? (Win64 bit) 26 MB
Balls? (Win32 bit) 24 MB
Balls? (Linux) 31 MB
Balls? (Mac) 44 MB


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music please mr milkman


epic game + gamer = epic gamer + game = epic gamer game + by dani = epic gamer game by dani B)

That was painful to see with my own eyes - 10/10 IGN

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I downloaded this game a month ago and I thought people would have a way higher score than mine, but I see no other god but me

my highscore i started playing today for 2 hours

The dog


oi i cant run the game its the same with carlson 2d but my laptop is pretty old so maybe thats the problem can u pls make a game that works on windows xp cuz my main pc is ded

I can not down load the game

because your not a  elite gamer


Good game but more update is needed


In the pc version there is none difference between the pull and push witch is sad because i want to use the pull option but when i do the same thing happens wean i select push 


Add an exit button it would feel alot nicer, Thanks dan


Everyone out here bragging about their high score, try beating 11.77 million 😂😂. - done on Samsung galaxy s9


Done on Samsung Galaxy s9


Finally a challenge 😊




Challenge acepted.


someone beat you



There's no Exit button...

just use the windows key

well only way to get out is alt + f4 





he is not a noo


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Hey, what things are in the square dimension on the android version?
I just beat the petagon boss and don't know what to do now :<

I just got 9 mil points on Android :>


try to beat my score of 596200


 I did bruh

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How to unlock the blue portal/room? 

Edit:I known it


how do you unlock the faces??


1500 kill '-'


How do you unlock to other extras in the shop? I have all the shapes/colours


Why do people have viruses that block other viruses?


Why did u put down hey do u like playin wit bals

I also have no boss area how to fix plz?

ummmm I can’t have menu on win 32 bit?

How do I fix

i found a bug its auto bounce without auto bounce unlocked i just clicked space and this happend

aw man you can use links :(


There is a glitch that always kills me at the start and I can't get past any challenges because it throws me aside........ Please Fix This!

Hey, Dani, for Linux it is just pink. Everything is pink. Tried with Ultra and Medium graphics settings.

I don't like the hitboxes

where is the zip file and what is zip file?


How do you get in the blue room after defeating the Pentagon boss

Defeat it again

wait there's a pentagon boss?


i cant open the balls file pls help

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right click the zip file and press extract all then open the file and open the app named balls?

feel free to say if it did not help.

what does the love upgrade do??



it change everything to hearts and even the player change into a heart

it changes almost everything with hearts

ahh thxx

oh and also you unlock heart shape, commented this before i noticed.

for anyone that is having problems with the MAC download, here's help.

if your mac can't run the program then follow the steps

1. download "The Unarchiver".

2.  download "balls?"

3. right click the .zip file and press "open with" and then press "The Unarchiver".

4. open the game by right clicking and pressing "open" and then "open".

please, if you have any more problems leave a comment.

: )

I cant figure out how to run the game when I download and click open it says it cant run because UnityPlayer.dll was not found plz help

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I think you have to have the extracted files all in one folder to access the game

I beat Penta boss and unlocked square area. Is there any secrets in there?


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