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hey Dani i found a bug in the game that when you are on upgrades and you press the previous or the next page and then press buy you lose 100 moneys every time you press it I hope you fix it and thanks for publish this games on androids is one of my favorits games in the play store right now!


After you get every upgrade in the game and beat both bosses, there really is no incentive to keep playing. I understand that there is no one basic solution for this but I believe there might be somethings that could help the game. For example, something like a leaderboard system could encourage hardcore perfectionists to try and get as high on the leaderboard as they can. Or maybe, and this is asking for a lot here, have an online 1v1 system, where you could see who can get the most points in a certain time frame.

Of course I'm not a game developer so anything you come up with will probably be better than my ideas.


Yes! I very completely agree!


Bug report: I tried to kill myself by jumping into the lava but ı didn't died

12 MIL

Bug report: When square boss turns pink his missiles explode on himself most of the time.


Just got every upgrade and after playing for a while got this.  I don't know if this is what you meant to happen or the computer doing what computers do. Just wanted to post this either way.


did u go over 10 mil or how many points do you remember getting?


ye I got over 10mil


Ha that's funny :D Its shortening the number - the actual score must be extremely long...


I think in computer language that translates to 1.02719x10^7 (to the power of 7)

Or around 10,271,900‬

What does key after beating circle do?



what did u do?

Black holes can crash your game sometimes :)

trying to beat the 1st boss is so hard im not an elite gamer so i mostly just wait for my missile things to hit it.

Havnt beat the square boss yet :

got the highscore again

I found a bug when you go really up there is a wall and it gives u hp so u can just be bouncing on it and it will give u hpand u can really easy travel

as far as i can see, this is a new record in the comments, could have went higher but those rockets wheren´t nice to me

somone else got 19 mil now :D

I could not find your page dani

This is addicting. I've been playing for an hour and almost have all the beginning power ups and this is my high score

Bug: Sometime auto-bounce will jump into lava without dying and after that you can just jump out

Restart Your Game See If That helps.


take advantage of the bug

hmmm i dont think dani would like that


Just, Take advantage of the bug that until Dani Fix that. and we don't care what dani like... Just Kidding

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if u have an error try making a new folder and copy all the files from the file you downloaded then put them in ur new one then click on the game im not good at explaining sorry if this didnt help.

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Just some bug reporting:

  • Auto-Bouncing into Black Holes can crash the game.
  • Auto-Bounce also bounces into the lava.
  • Auto-Bounce also bounces into object that you didn't upgrade.
  • Sometimes Auto-Bounce can't find the enemy it should clear, so it will go in a straight line until it runs out, or hits an enemy.
  • Sometimes the auto-bounce button activates randomly (but you can't use it!!)
  • Also the buttons are a bit janky in the shops too.
  • The shop is also messed up on different resolutions.
  • The Performance vs. Graphics button have the text "button" in them in dark grey.
  • The camrea is janked up in boss fights on different resolutions.
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gg u beat my highscore

Pretty sure i got the

Gg man, you beat my highscore

what was your highscore?

please tell me how to fix this issue. Been trying to fix it for 15 mins now ;-; try this but once i opened it said it couldn't run properly tell me if it runs good for you

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open it inside the archive, if you want a desktop shortcut, then you need to extract it to a folder and right click on the exe to make a shortcut. Then you can drag the exe where ever you want with that shortcut.

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now its saying "The application was unable to start correctly"

i installed it and everything but once i try to play it an error pops up saying "The code execution cannot procede because unityplayer.dll was not found." and i just installed unity player HELP??


dude -_-, you need to open it in the archive, dont drag the exe out. Just try this, redownload it and open it with winrar after that open the exe

When It Says The Anti Virus Stuff Go On Learn More And Click Run Anyways

Its says it cant find unity dll. how to reinstall it?

me too!!

The Game Is Addicting Dani, But I Found An Exploit :/, When You Go On The Roof It Recharges Your Juice, So Then You Can Get To The Bosses Faster..

Not A Virus At All! Its Just The Unknown Publisher Warning.


It's not a virus it said that for me and im fine. Just click more info then run anyways

Yea Do That

it says on my pc that this is a virus. i’m not sure if it is but my antivirus and malwarebytes say it is.

Same it also doesn't even let me download it on windows 10

it says this is  a virus, i trust you and all but im confused. my antivirus and google warns me

Hey Dude nice game and I don't know if its just me but the ads don't work on PC

Yeah they're not functional for PC

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Bro my PC says it is a virus what do i do :/ can you help pls?

Click On More Info (for windows 10) Then Click Run Anyways

They don't work.

I wanna prestige anyway coz I am really leveled up a lot I wanna start again

Hi again Dani,

Please can you send me the APK now that the game is out?

My email, just so you know, is

Also, can you send me any updated APKs if the game gets any more updates.


It's on play store

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hey Dani just so you know there is a bug if you stay close to the ceiling  you can just infinite your way to the boss rooms maybe you can add a limit to how many times you can use the ceiling 


Yup And I Used It But Lucky I Didnt Have The Square lmao

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