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hey can you add multiplayer. multiplayer team and multiplayer battle,

That'd be hard for PC but would be a good idea for the mobile version.

That wold be cool 

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Hi guys,

how do I unlock the extras? So far I have everything unlocked except for the extras, where I only have two unlocked (the smiling face and the "empty"/original face, but I would really like to unlock the remaining extras


I am pretty sure that there is no way to get more extras now



Does anyone know where are located game saves? I would like to move my game to different computer without loosing any progress.


Again...File Search

ow do i turn love off. I bought it but now its just really distracting. Can i turn it off at all? Also how do i reset???

Thanks in advance

To reset, try reinstalling the game.


Can you beat my record?

Nice score!


Holy sh-

My highscore is above 100 million now😂

Deleted 328 days ago

no advertising!

Please Release the Game on Window 10 Store

Hello guys ( Dani) i have a question: What happens when u reset? Bc the cap is lvl 99 and i want to double the money you get when you watch an ad. When u cap u only get the ad money times one and thats just too much hard work to watch all the ads

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can you break my score...?

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LOL I mobile

i broke the game 

my highscore



high score 10 mil yeet

What da pentagon key used for?

unlock the blue box called square area

Is there anything in the square area or is it just squares? I completed the game in 2 days and was hoping for something a bit cooler through the blue portal.

nothing yet



Oh yay I'm in the blue level

how did you get in the blue box?


I dont know either


defeat the pentagon boss

by defeating the square and circle boss then go to red box and defeat pentagon boss

Where are the square and circle boss

Where do we find the pentagon boss

beat square boss and ball boss will open red box, and pentagon boss is inside the red box

u dont need to beat square; second key is just floating in space

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We need a leaderboard I think. There are so many players with much score. I wanna see the highest score :p

how do i open game i do not have any .exe

How do you download the game ?

Extract the file and then click into the extracted file. You should be seeing an application named Balls Click on it

It did not work

My High Score

My High Score

1 hour after downloading this game my score is 47,200

I cannot play it somehow..

not me either


So, my highscore atm is 11million maybe an idea to have an all around score board, but that we can play the game offline to, on pc the AD's dont work and if i multiplie and explode at the same time it will be ghost blocks, i can see them but cant 'claim' them,  for the rest a perfect game.

its saying that it is a "dangerous application"  


just ignore it


dont worry its not dangerous 

it always says that for unity apps


Can you please make it so when we die from a boss that we respawn right next to the boss where we died but the boss is at full health. i'm really tired of having to go back multiple times just to die.


I am 100 percent okay with you its annoying me so much 

I agree

How do i get in the blue box like the level with a portal in it? i completed the green level and i defeated the circle boss and i dont know how to get in the blue box level. please tell me how to get in it

how did you finish the green level its so hard I spent over 1hour trying to do it give me a tip pls

Use Slow-Mo for the arrow pink balls. For the wall jumps, target the bottom of the platform so the path to the next platform doesn't get obstructed by the lava. For the bottom floor (where the lava follows you) abuse slow-mo as much as you can.

If you follow all these tips you have a great chance of finishing the parkour course.

The blue box requires the key from the Pentagon boss. Which is in the red box. Which needs the two other boss keys.

You need to complete the circle boss and square boss to unlock red box level, and you need to complete red box level-pentagon boss to get in the blue box.


i downloaded the thing and i only got files so how do i play it

click the "Balls.exe"


where do you click balls.exe

in the file explorer

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Yeah and  extract it!


Click Balls and Extract all and then click it again to launch it 


How to hack

Cheaters Never Get High Scores Even Close to What Other People Are Getting ...Cause In The End They Still Have 0 Points



yeeaaaahhhh booiiiiiiii

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i dont use hack. :) i managed to kill cube boss and pentagon boss in 1 game. 

how do u download it im dumb

click the download button


How do you do god mode

He removed it



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Hahaha i edited this post so you cant see what this was.

It's fine

it says that for me to.  but we know it's safe! :D

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the pull setting isn't working! :( and i don't want to play it if i can't pull

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I lost all of my progress when i updated! :(

Edit: well at least i can go through it again and experience the new update from a fresh start and also it sometimes is just fun to start again and i can play the game for longer! :D


Hacked the game (;



How did you do that can you tell me?

Cheat engine


Aw i dint break the world record.

Hi. So i have this problem. I dowloaded the game for windows, and its really fun and all. But how do i update the game? If thats even possible. Cuz i dont want all my progress reset...

I Think The Only Way Is To  Copy Your Data,Delete The Game,Re Install It,Then Paste Your Data Over The New Data

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Im trying to watch an ad to get coins and stuff but when i click it it does not show an ad to watch. Can someone help me please


ads do not seem to work unless you're on mobile

my pc will not let me down load it is keeps saying this may contain a virus and will not let me run it if any one can help plz tell me what to do


I just bypassed that because I realized Its not something that could really hurt my computer and nothing bad has happened yet


Just click more information then click Continue.

Click More Then Click Run...SideNote:.Exe Files Will Always Be Seen As A Virus ,But If There On They Are Safe


and I would also like to see the code files and stuff


my mac says it may be dangerous, Is the Download of Just the files because If not could you put one out because I have Unity

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