A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Action, parkour, sword & powerups

When you pick up powerups, you rewind back to spawn. 


Game - Dani (Youtube)

Music - Neo Nomen (Listen Here!)

Install instructions

  • Download .zip file
  • Place in a folder on you desktop
  • Right click > Extract Here
  • Double click on Karlson.exe
  • Drink milk & Enjoy

If it didn't work, try My Tutorial


RE:RUN (Windows 64bit) 43 MB
RE:RUN (Windows 32bit) 40 MB
RERUN_linux.zip 50 MB
RERUN_mac.zip 45 MB


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make a yotube game with karrson in it o you cant

contoller function dont work well you should make where people can choose their control

is it just me or this game lookin kinda THICC 

Little late on this game but still worth every second!

(1 edit) (+2)

dani your skill in making games so big so we can say that its THHHHHHHIC

True bonner

Getting 00:23:527 in level 2 is probably one of my proudest gaming accomplishments

Update: didn't know that the game saves your last time, not your best time :( I tried to go even faster on level 2 but the closest I could get to my old time was 00:23:959


I adore the movement in this, great job!

(3 edits) (+1)

00:13:00 record on level 10 only been playing for 15 mins

is that good? edit: nvm i got 12.83 now edit: 12.43 i guess ill just keep updating my progress


(1 edit)

12.18 11.929


Also yes I made an account just to post the fact I got a 7:80 on level 10

6:226 on level 10


Wow That was really Cool


Very cool game, I like the gameplay, it has a lot of potential.


i cant download the game im not sure why any tips?


I hope you like it :)



make among us 3d in 1 week (or you can't do that)


Please make it support Mac


there is a mac version  (i think) the file RERUN_mac.zip?


your profile picture was fucking perfect for this reply

yes but it doesnt work. Plus in Itch.IO it doesnt show an icon for MAC.

well it worked for me, maybe it's a 32 bit app


Make a 3d version of among us and make it that we can play in mobile too (or you can't make it)

or you cant do that?

Can you please tell me how to download it in mobile

there is no mobile version


Ok thanks for telling




Again thanks



Крутая игра, мне зашла. Правда бомбил сильно)



Hey Guys! I made another installer for RE:RUN.

RE:RUN Download: playrerun.exe

i cant download the game becuase i am on mac os ):

OK playing on my windows 7 now

there is a mac version :\ 

love this game, made a video on hitting a sword throw

Dani. Why did you make another masterpiece?

This game has so much potential and i love that its a different concept for game designs!
(1 edit)

can you make minecrft (or you dont know that) ha


try adding a sandbox mode i would love it if there is a sandbox mode

its not working ;-;

i cant download ;-;

i just download 4 new apps yay bruh i didnt play 2 new apps now

how to change image

where do I go on level 10 i'm lost on what to do..


can someone please tell me how i can change the graphics and resolution and key binds like a launch menu before you launch a game

cool game


Dani Please Use GODOT instead OF UNITY...



unity is best game engine


he can use what ever he wants leave him alone


Unity doesn't suck. Unity is actually one of, if not the best game engine in the entire world.

Also, he can use whatever he wants to use. He can just use plain ol' Java without a engine at all if he wants to. Just leave him alone


Unity is so much beter than godot you idiot. The UI of unity is so much simpler to use and to create games. Altough godot can createe beter games it takes more time even if you have proffessionel skills it still takes more time to do something than in unity and you can create games that are so much better in unity if you play around with a lot of settings that you can't easily access. Unity is much better.


Have you ever heard of unity's particle system, its a great system

Yeah i have, just like Dani i cured my depression a couple months ago using it, it is the best.


Tell that to YOUR STORAGE




And also UNITY doesn't support Android X86... thats why it sucks

unlike GODOT can Run ANYWHERE even on  Console With  little to know knowledge unlike UNITY

only supports Windows, Android... and sometimes doesn't work on MAC and Linux.

and WHY THE FUCK WOULD I BUY A IDE FOR MAKING GAME if i could make such for free and Much HIGHER QUALITY.

Why is this not working for mac

The thing that sucks is I can't play it on my mac, I just get an error that says "The application "Mac" cannot be opened".


why dont try making ar game ( or you cant do that)



He already did. Check his channel on youtube. be safe and drink milk.


u mean the game with the  oculus milk


if i download it it says data not found


(1 edit)

What a game cool 

good job bro


Why dont try making a PS4 game(or you can't do that)

haha lol



he could but he also couldn't because it takes a lot of time to create games for ps4 and he has no experience but the main reason is you can't just publish a game on playstation. It is a much more complex process to make games and publish for consoles because you have to get them approved and stuff which could take weeks or months.

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