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he made the game off the sticks i wanna download it

wheres the .zip file i cant find it

if you downloaded the file click 'open map' than the file you see there you have to richtclick on and press unzip

nice game dani

I cant open the game.


Select the 'Off The Balls' Application and extract the file


how do you fricking run the game??? i got the zip file and what then??? can someone help me please

Assuming you're on windows: You right-click on the zip file and click "extract all". Then you open the new unzipped folder and find "Off The Balls.exe" and open it. That's it.

but i cant find the .exe file?

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@cool cat gaming There may be another folder inside the one you have to open. If there is one, have you tried opening that and looking for it? Without any screenshots, my only advice to you is to open any folders you see in the downloaded file and look.

I checkt every folder in the folder but I can't find it.... 

Okay, there's one more thing that I would like you to try. Just try searching the folder in the search bar on the file explorer for either "Balls.exe" or "Off the Balls.exe", depending on what version of the game you have installed. Other than that, I guess just try downloading it again. And make sure that  downloading the right one (Windows 64bit , Windows 32 bit, Mac, or Linux) depending on what your operating system is. If you have Windows and aren't sure if you have 32 bit or 64 bit, you can check in the "About" section in the "system" section of settings. Sorry if none of this works, I really have nothing else.

you are so noob


Excuse me, where is Android/Ios version?


please give me the link

Working on it, video coming soon :)

:) Thanks Dani, i already download it (:

I can't download im on mac and it say I can't download because "OffTheBalls" was made by an unidentified developer. please help me

Change you settings to let you download unknown files or something along those lines.

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i have a mac and it work's if you right click on the game and hold ctrl and click open then it  open's and you can play the game :)

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so to start the game what do i have to do? can anyone help on windows. like what is the .zip file ?

Download winrar if you don't have it already. And then open the zip file with winrar. And click extract files. Then chose where you want to extract the game in 'preferably desktop'. It will take some seconds and the game will pump up on desktop 

Ok thank you 

You have to open up the file in your downloads or desktop to unzip it and then you should see the main game file and then you open it then you should be able to play it perfectly fine

To those who want to run this game on linux, here's what you do:
go to your temrinal and make  OffTheBalls.x86 executable by typing "chmod a=rwx *" than ./OffTheBalls.x86. 

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hahahahaha i got 74200 get got bots

I cant download ??

Its not downloadable for mobile

It's not avaliable...

my highscore is 46200 sorry

when is the mobile version coming out


Hey man! I watched you vid and wanted to download it! But sadly i found out it was foe computers and i dont have a pc or a computer that can download it so for the next video (if youre planning to make more games) please make a mobile game, thanks!!!




Aww man


So we back to mine

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Got our pickaxe swinging from side to side


side side to side


This task, a grueling one

What’s up Dani!

So I watched your video on this game, and I thought it was amazing.

I have a few ideas that I would love to share, but really there is a low chance of you reading this. If you have a Discord I will love to share.

Plus, once this game comes out on mobile, you already know who would download it. ;) (It’s me)

Now I’ll see ya around! -Aura

Wassup DanE 

This game is addictive and if you put it on mobile (with ads) you could become rich if you add skins that cost currency witch is bought with real money

Hi Dani

So I was looking to get the game and I was wondering if you could make it for iOS just cause I would really love to play it on the go. Also, if you do can you send me a TestFlight link to my email


(P.s. I love watching you make these awesome games. I wish I hade talent like you.)


this is epicc coolio game


Some random ideas I had in case you want to develop this further:

Entities (Self explanatory)

Orange - Functions like a regular red, but gives you an extra midair jump. 

Cyan - Increases your maximum combo for the round by +1 (up to a maximum if you choose, but I'd think it'd be rare enough you wouldn't need a max)

Black - Gives a lot of points, but decreases your health instead of refilling it. 

Point bonuses (Gives you something when you reach a certain point value)

100k - Permanently changes the aiming white line to account for drop, to make it easier to aim.

250k - Permanently gives you an extra midair jump after bouncing off of things.

500k - Gives you one extra life, where upon death you will simply be launched as if you hit a red entity, but lose the extra life.

1M - Permanently increases the spawn of entities, and increases the space within to play.

2M - Doubles your maximum combo from whatever it is at the moment. 

Other Suggestions 

Cause entities to spawn on the left side of the starting platform maybe?

A username and leaderboards system could be cool, to compare your high score with other peoples.

That's about it, thanks for reading, these are all just random ideas and you obviously don't have to add any of them!

Awesome game! Would love to have this featured on my appstore, Linkdroid. When the game officially comes out for android, can I upload it to the Linkdroid appstore for people to download? The link to it is Anyways, I love the game! It is very addicting, keep up your youtube videos.


I know this will sound a little creepy but I like how u made the game and I would like to have the source code for unity, I have a lot of ideas to improve the game, ... If u wish of course :)

Keep it up, and good luck in further projects

Will this be available on App Store On IOS 

Hi Dani,

I use APKPure, another Android app store, instead of the Play Store on my phone and I don't know if the mobile game will be listed on there when it comes out.

Could you possibly send me the APK for it when it comes out at this address,

Thank you.

I'll try to remember, if I forget just get in touch again haha

Ok thanks, Dani. Also, would I also be allowed to upload the APK to APKPure if it still isn't there at release, and try to get it featured? APKPure is quite a popular appstore and a lot of the people who use it would be able to try, and lots of user recommendations are submitted and featured.

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Hi again Dani,

Please can you send me the APK now that the game is out?

My email, just so you know, is

Also, can you send me any updated APKs if the game gets any more updates.


Will this be for ios?

how do i unzip on ububntu :(((


or windows


go into terminal and do 'sudo unzip "'

   but it just say dis idk wat sudo password is


its just your linux account password

Awesome game! Its amazing how you made it in just a day! An inspiration to us fellow game developers. Keep making such games  :) 


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how can I  unzip

On what OS?


it says i would have 60fps but i dont even have 2fps (graphics:: Ultra)... when im using very low graphics i still have 1fps... (yesterday it was perfect)

You should click the "graphics" button in the top left corner to lower graphics :)

it doesn't work for me i cant unzip the file and i really want to play please tell me how i can play

do u have ubuntu?

It is instantly removed when i click on it...

Is this a glitch?????


When will it be out for mobile? I realy like the idea and want to try it out

Yep, already submitted to the play store. Just waiting for Google to review it! :)


doesnt working :P (also if you can answer me how i can do it work

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Maybe you have a 64bit and downloaded 32bit or the same with need to start "Off The Balls.exe" btw

If you tab out and tab back in the resolution changes

Watched ur video on youtube and download it, it was fun :)

dont alt tab out of it, it dosent go well XD

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hey dani,

i have a laptop which i just got for my school work and saw your video (Really cool vid!).

Ummm, is this download going to hurt my laptop?

If not YAY!

really cool game btw. 


Definitely not going to hurt your latpop! There should be 0 risk involved with download and running the game :)



yes the fastest game even my window xp can run on altra grphiques thanks for the game... best game aver!!!

BUT WUT IF U HAV U BU NT U  ;-;;     :(

i thot u say it work for lunix    :(

DANI  please make karlson 2d for ps4 it would be fun to play on my ps4 

Idk how do i open the game on linux

Really like this game - well done.

this game is actually really fun

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