A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"its just a game about balls man"

Do you like balls? Of course you like balls. In this stupid game you can launch into other balls to obtain points. There's also bullet-time slowmotion stuff, so thats pretty cool lol

(PS: Only for real gamers)

Controls: Use mouse to point and click

Install instructions

* Download the .zip file

* Right click it, and unzip the file

* Double click ".exe" to run the game!


Off The Balls (Windows 64bit) 18 MB
Off The Balls (Windows 32bit) 15 MB
Off The Balls (Linux) 34 MB
OffTheBalls Mac.zip 21 MB


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What even is a zip file wait nvm

i dont get how to upzip the file???????????!

I know right.

So dumb

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Why does it not work on ios?

Because its like a bajillion times harder to publish a game to ios.

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it was actually made for android, for ios things would have to change, maybe the game would be different, Im no profetional tho, my bad, this game is only for pc as I remember, "Balls?" is made for phones.

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you mean mac os

are there upgrades on windows?

Great Work Dude!

Great game but I recently experianced data loss. I am just restarting the game for the fun of it but I'd appreciate it if you do some bug fixing.

How to Download please teach me

Just click on download button : )

Why is it opening in the file and not the game, i downloaded it but i cant play

to get the phone version you need to turn on your phone, go to yt and go to the video go i the description and click the SIGN THAH SAYS ANDROID VERSION: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de...

How to get on my iPhone?

It doesn't support iPhone

how do i get the new version guys


why is the oldest vershon here I want to play ne

it doesn't appear when I search it :c

Add a Close Call Thingy

i cant launch it in itch app why ?


For mobile

Is there a way to do it no youtube? Maybe a link or something 


how do i download









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Drag the ZIP file to your desktop right click it and click ''Extract to'' Done.

Does anyone knows the name of the mobile version? It do not apears on the playstore

Its balls? on play store

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i dont have anything called unzip


it is called winrar

how download winrar

Nvm Got it

how u do it

someone HELP'

you open the file with winrar the press on extract to and then thats it


I do not know how to do this

you open the file with winrar the press on extract to and then thats it

Make a mobile version 

He did mobile version


Plz do it for mobile

He did a mobile version 


and you should add a keybind setup







how do i unzip a file?


I do not know either


If you can't download it don't worry!!! Just dowload the itch app (avaidable for windows also) It didn't work for me but now it does! Also great game! Can you update it to the mobile version?

but it not wurk for ubuntu :((

where is the update version

Sometimes a black hole spawns next to me and i die immediately.Why does this happen?

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Can i use key that i got after killing boss?

how do you access shop and stuff here?

so this happend and it lags the game :D (hit black hole while using autobounce) weird bug.

hi! so im literally in LOVE with this game man! definitely should make a series in the future, making different games. One thing though, on the Mac/Windows/Linux version it would be great to have an option to press ESC on the keyboard to bring up a menu to quit the game or just even to exit the game anyway :) 

how do you get to the bosses and the shop on mac

why the frick i can't download it?!!?!?

What happens after I beat the triangle area boss?

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