A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"its just a game about balls man"

Do you like balls? Of course you like balls. In this stupid game you can launch into other balls to obtain points. There's also bullet-time slowmotion stuff, so thats pretty cool lol

(PS: Only for real gamers)

Controls: Use mouse to point and click

Install instructions

* Download the .zip file

* Right click it, and unzip the file

* Double click ".exe" to run the game!


Off The Balls (Windows 64bit) 18 MB
Off The Balls (Windows 32bit) 15 MB
Off The Balls (Linux) 34 MB
OffTheBalls Mac.zip 21 MB


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Since balls if out why don't you just delete this game. 

Lets bounce off balls!!!!

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In this game, you can play with some BALLS

That doesn't sound wrong at all!

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Every time I click download, all it says is thanks for downloading, but never actually downloads. This is the same for all the other games on this app.  Can anyone help me? Also im running on mac book pro


no idk if you download something it should appear at the bottom of your screen. Or maybe you can check downloads on your browser.

ShreksNostril, I believe if you have a Mac you need to download the itch.io app before you can download anything


off the sticks.

off the sticks.

off the sticks.

off the sticks.

off the sticks.

off the sticks.


Is this the same as „balls?”?

Pretty sure.

No, It isn't. This actually lacks a lot of things compared to Balls, Balls is made in 6 days and Off The Balls in 12 hours, so no they are not the same game.

sure i got 37!


If you are wondering how to exit the game on Windows just click the windows key and your task bar will show up. Then, hover over the app icon and a little window will show up with a "X", click on the  "X" and the app will close



I'm not crazy trust me I'm just 10 OK... Don't be mean to me WHAA :{!!!!

No literally believe me I'm not crazy.


Yah I'm crazy

No literaly I am a crazy   

Off The Sticks now

I need it on Chrome OS plz.

There is another game also made by Dani that is the exact same thing and it is on the google play store. Search the word, "Balls?" and you will find it.


guys if u wanna know how to download anything on itch. io firstly:

1. download itch.io

2. create an account

3.  download from the itch store as it requires no complicated file things



Ios is s***

I don't think he will be able to, not unless he got a Mac and an IOS device to test on.

how do you play this  

Im so confused about the Files thing so im just going to wait until it comes out on steam

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ok, download it, then go to your downloads and double click on the .zip file you just downloaded. Then, press extract. After that, double click on the Off The Balls folder (should be the only folder there), then double click on the off the balls (just above the UnityCrashHandler64).  Then, follow the steps and it should open it and a new folder. Minimize the game, double click on the folder, then drag and drop Off The Balls  first into your taskbar and then onto your desktop. From then, you can play the game. If you close the game afterward, you can either click on the Off The Balls icon on your taskbar or double click it on your desktop. You’re welcome.

Also, your high score is trash lol.

I'm confused

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I thought you might. Just dm me on discord @h̸̉̋ì̶̽ ̵́̀d̶͗̚u̸͑̐d̵͒̆e̶̕͝#4695

it will not be on steam...


It will not come out on Steam, all you do is download the file, go into downloads, right click the file and select extract, go into the file you extracted and click on the app: Off The Balls (or whatever it is called).

Most of your games don't work on mac

TheDonutHead, I believe if you have a Mac you need to download the itch.io app before you can download anything












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How do you exit the game use I have to press ALT + F4 to exit but then the game download gets removed from my computor and I have to re-install the game and unzip it all agein. Please reply with help on how to close the game.

Love the game btw. 

(EDIT) I tryed re- installing the game and now I when I install it I cant even play because the game play thing dosent show in the folder.

If you are on windows or macbook then drag your mouse to the top of your screen and an x or a red button will show up on the left or right

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if you are on windows click the widowed button in the Off The Balls 

configuration then resize the Screen to  640 X 180. Then an X should appear at the top left or right!

(EDIT) You can resize the screen bigger than 640 X 180 Tho

Dani i found a bug on the last stage where ur character doesnt turn when u move  but overall its a great game  :D

doesn't open on a iMac please help



i love it

absolutely love it

im not going to tell u my high score though

so u dont feel bad

ur welcome ;)

For people having issues with the unzip button, 

1. Download the file

2. Find the file location

3. Click the file once

4. Look near the top where "Move to," "Copy" "Delete" near there,

5. Click the Extract button and open the file again if it does not open automatically

6. Click Off The Balls

7. Enjoy the game!

theres no unzip button?

Simple but enjoyable experience. The use of camera shake, particles and the ball bending to show the force of motions was well done.

If you want to see him making the game click this 



i wonder why its not working for me :(


The game is BALLin


this game is fun but it doesn't have an ingame way to exit out of it


That is what alt+f4 is for




pls fall down some stairs and die :)

jk lol


This game is extremely addictive. If you could, it would be awesome if you made a multiplayer version.


What even is a zip file wait nvm


i dont get how to upzip the file???????????!

I know right.

So dumb

do you know how to compile? no of corse not gril dog

You gotta right click the zip and click "Extract"

right click and click unzip

or export

Right click the file and you can unzip.

Or maybe doubleclick.

right click the file extract all


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Why does it not work on ios?


Because its like a bajillion times harder to publish a game to ios.

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it was actually made for android, for ios things would have to change, maybe the game would be different, Im no profetional tho, my bad, this game is only for pc as I remember, "Balls?" is made for phones.

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you mean mac os

bic is for android

are there upgrades on windows?

Great Work Dude!

Great game but I recently experianced data loss. I am just restarting the game for the fun of it but I'd appreciate it if you do some bug fixing.

How to Download please teach me

Just click on download button : )

very helpful


Why is it opening in the file and not the game, i downloaded it but i cant play

to get the phone version you need to turn on your phone, go to yt and go to the video go i the description and click the SIGN THAH SAYS ANDROID VERSION: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de...

How to get on my iPhone?

It doesn't support iPhone

there is no way to do it

how do i get the new version guys


why is the oldest vershon here I want to play ne

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