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For some reason it said it couldn't load because unityplayer.dll could not be found. Guess what I found next to that message. unityplayer.dll

lol nice one Unity

don't u need to choose the application that says off the balls?

this does not work on mac 10.11.6

me mad




awww man


so we back in the mine


Got our pickaxe swinging from side to side


Side, side, to side


This task a grueling one


Thanks for linux

Oh, hey Dani, didn't expect to find you here! The game is great :D

aw maan





so we back in the mines

Grab our pickaxe swinging from side to side, side side to side

This tasks a grueling one,

nice game

Very impressive. You've inspired me to think much more about sound and music for my next game. Thanks for sharing.

Its a great game, but... WHERE IS THE CLOSE BUTTON!


alt f4

lets just say, i couldnt play from now on

Really great game! I liked the art style in the game and the music created a great atmosphere. The game itself had a simple idea and I really liked it, would love to see this as a game for your phone. Overall a very fun game, keep up the good work :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

Lots of fun! Couldn't get to your high score but it was sure addicting trying to keep the multiplier up. Definitely would be a great addition to the mobile game library. Well done.

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Off The Balls is short, it's simple, it's easy to learn, it has rad music,'s got balls. What's not to enjoy?

Good job, dev.

the music is amazing

i found a glitch, if you go real fast, the balls will not load fast enough. and if you shoot at max power to your left, you will noitce there are 0 balls. dont now if it only for me, but there is no balls if you shoot left at the start of the game.

same I experienced exactly that.


The dev didn't add map generation just random ball generation in an invisible box around the map. If you keep going right you will experience the same thing.

hey dani i alaways wondered haw code works  iwould aprricate it if u make a vedio explaining the code in off the ball


when the mobile version realease?(android & ios)

I will be starting work on it probably next week, so if everything goes according to plan, it will release in 2-3 weeks. But there will be a video whenever it happens, so I'll keep stuff posted on my Youtube channel :)

ok thanks :)

hey dani i alaways wondered haw code works  iwould aprricate it if u make a vedio explaining the code in off the ball

Dani how do i use it? ive already downloaded the zip file and extracted it but it doesnt show the .exe file what do i do? i really want to play this game

If you have a pc, you should play it on there.

Gave me a blackscreen sooooooooooooooooooooooooo... Can't play it:(

had to restart my computer

I can't post my record picture of 120000 something :(

so amazing man,  nice game, really loved it! <3

If you did this in 12 hours(and 1 minute), I can't even imagine what you could do in a week! Great Stuff!!! :)

nice game


Great game!
Just a quick issue i found: There is a chance of a black hole spawning right next to the ball spawn point, so when you start you instantly die.

I have the same problem too



Why didn't you put a webGL build ????!!😳

um why can't you just download it?

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downloaded it as promised. Cool game dani, simple yet challenging (u bet i said fck a lot)

Yameroo here

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Nice game,dani!Love your content. <3

(Hi from Belgium)

nice game dani

Love The Name

Well Ideas like Map Variety, an actual main menu, more balls, Shop for upgrades like Slow mo Time, upgrading health. Also the circles pop into squares....make em pop into circles instead of squares. Still interesting game, I recorded my first part and well I had some epic gameplay, I still have not beaten your high score, no where near it. 

i found this glitch that if you are going really fast you cant aim

I cant seem to run the game :( Help PLZ)

wow very cool game for 12h of developement  

(PS:hi from morocco)

Dani Game is Interesting to play and game mechanics is very cool but there is no any exit button.I pressed ESC button but no result found so I click window button and manually close the game from the Bar so kindly add EXIT.

great game! quick note, if you start and go left there are zero enemies, the enemy spawn seems to only work if you go right and also after a while there are no more platforms underneath your,maybe make them auto generated as well

nice work dani .but it would be cool if you could get more points the higher you go


Good idea!



Awesome game dude, very addictive. Very good game for being made in 12 hours.



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it would feel better if the ball would be a little more squishy


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all i remember is when he compared the green one to a creeper. that's how i remember xD

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