A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Karlson is thristy, and only you can help him get his milk. 

Fight through 19 different levels to help Karlson retrieve his milk! 

The making of this game:

Creator kit (logos, pngs, screenshot, etc):




Install instructions

  • Download .zip file
  • Place in a folder on you desktop
  • Right click > Extract Here
  • Double click on Karlson.exe
  • Drink milk & Enjoy

If you have problems, or you're on MAC / LINUX / VIRUS WARNING, check this video



Milkman Karlson (Windows 64) 137 MB
Milkman Karlson (Windows 32) 135 MB
Milkman Karlson (MAC) 140 MB
Milkman Karlson (LINUX) 143 MB


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Nice Game Dani!

Oh boy do i love the boner gang

Hello , I Just finished playing your marvelous game!! here is a short but entertaining (I hope) video I recorded!! Keep making games Dani, You're Amazing :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDPfF9m3pvA

We had Karlson 2d, and Karlson 3d... Milkman Karlson: Hey! Wassup my friends!

people who drink milk: best game i like


I'm a programmer, too, and from now on, I will always play [K A R O L S O N V I B E] while drink milk, program, and be epic


make it so you can actually jump instead off just flopping high 

no it will let me download but i cant open the file


this suck

Deleted 2 days ago

shut up


ok i shut up :3

anyway, u didn't even give a reason why it suck, this is even free, just uninstall it. smh

you say it sucks you disrespect dani

you oj gang

Cant download on Mac

you can, just find it in finder, right click it, and hit open

It says "Milkman Karlson" cant be opened

right click on it inside the finder window and hit the button open. this will force the mac to open it. so find the application in the finder window


I'm sad I can't play in browser

Cant you download the game?

No =(



this is a very good game however i wouldve appreciated more camera control,

the 3d graphics on a 2d interface just didn't mesh with me all that well. The shooting was surprisingly fun and would enjoy a endless horde mode survival game mode with upgrades and random milk drops. i think that would be very fun and i would play it alot.


Why don't you make a 3d horror game (or you cant do that?)






can you help me how to get on the game

(1 edit) (-1)

its a zip file  so you will need to unpack it/ unzip it before you can play it.

to start when you click download in the bottom left corner of your browser it will show the download, right click and show in folder.  then drag the zip folder to your desktop, right click on said zip folder, and click extract all. then all you will need to do is open the new folder that should appear on your desktop and double click on the file called MilkmanKarlson.exe

once you do that just lick run anyways and youl be of to the races.


Make a laser gun


i played the game until the end. it was so much fun!


why you no make a sober milkman karlson game? (or you can't do that?)


(or He can can't do that!?)


upvote so he can see






im on milk gang


m     i     l     k

(1 edit) (+1)(-3)

OMG, this game is so funny. The physics are so dumb XD

Keep up the good work mate!

You can use RMB to slow-mo...

Oh wow for real...


G.U.C.C.I     B.A.N.A.N.A

hey its me




Had an absolute blast recording this game, the silly physics, the unpredictable outcomes, and the amazing theme made me lose track of time. Before I knew it I played every level. Keep Designing games Dani! :)


can you add the download for windows 10? 


use windows 32

Its better to use windows 64bit programs as they are way easier for computers to run.

Windows 32/64 means 32bits or 64bits. Just download the one that has the same spec as your PC


boner gang lets go


This game is a hilarious adventure packed full of ragdoll physics and action, it was a joy to play and it did cause a few laughs along the way.

 The game felt the way a game is meant to be played, it was meant for fun and silliness  and it certainly delivers on the fun factor and the random tomfoolery that ragdoll physics bring, the bullet time is a great touch and there are some brief moments you feel like a badass as you leap over the enemy and blast them apart.

 This game is certainly one to play , it has challenging parts and also parts that are so random you wonder what the heck happened, thank you for creating such an entertaining game, it truly was such an enjoyable experience.


This.. is.. well.. Gameplay wise it´s.. *sigh* for the milk!


idk why but when im trying to open the file (after downloaded and converted) it says: 

The application “MAC” can’t be opened.

if someone knows how to fix this (yes, i have restarted my computer), that would be nice.



Same bro.

It only works on macOS catalina. 


karlson do be vibing doe





I had a lot of fun playing this game! This game made me both laugh and rage. I'm very glad I played this absolute masterpiece!

i have found out the source to Dani's power

Karlson is not based off of Dani, Karlson is Dani!






I loved it! 

Actually the developer of the original Karlson  did make the game just THE PARTS OF THE GAME were suggested by his followers on twitter.


dear Dani, I have a request. Can you make a game called “where is my son” with 42 levels? Which is basically a game of hide and seek where you find clues until level 42 where you finally find your son in a ally way by a garbage with a twisted ending with the mom and dog in the garbage can and he gives you a super creepy smile with blood on his teeth? Please


this is messed up



this is a messed up  cool idea

he would probably get sued for doing that

i hope you can make more games

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