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record for level 8 is 11:41 set by me


now 11:26

smoll pp, i broke yours by like 3 secs dude 


gotcha 10:04

I got 10:05 :)


Nvm now 6:14

fuck damn,  you mustve been lucky and got straight into the window

yep lol

fuck damn,  you mustve been lucky and got straight into the window


Dani = best dev!

Keep up the amazing work

Yes so real!


this was very cash money of you


You should make it so the slow motion happens while right button is down or give an option to allow us to change to that

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the linux version is an apk why?

because Android is running linux so same shit




This game cured my scoliosis 


Ok cool karlson's ass is T H I C C

i think mac changed it's download thing so none of the applications work 


i have a big pp

Dani, give us the first model of 3d karlson and soon somebody will make an karlson animator (probably me)

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 2 years ago

Broke it did it in 11:41

Broke yours, by 3 secs

dani fans: please work on karlson 3d

dani: sure! (muhahahahaha)

*releses game*

dani fans: thats not wat we ment


ME WANT well.. i want a muffin in the game, is that too much to ask for? Just add a little muffin boi, cuz the little muffin boi hasn't seen milk in years and needs Karlson's help to find it.







there is one


yes but its not working (there are no textures)

turn graphics to fast

Can confirm, there is no lighting in linux (there are textures but no lighting, it's pitch black

bruh the textures are black on the windows version too, try turning generate lighting off and rebaking it?

not textures lighting

yea it's definetly a lighting issue turning the graphics to fast fixed it


Hey Dani, im going to be playing ALL of your games on my channel (klamalamakrazy) and i just want to say that i tested Karlson (the 3D one) and it was amazing! I love the use of grappling hooks and sliding! Keep up the good work man, and ill be playing your games!




Dani before i knew u i was already drinking milk And i never fucking liked orange or apple juice ANY JUICE ONLY FUCKING MILK and games >:)

there is linux

There is one.


It's not working on linux

There are no textures


dem transitions tho

when i think about a game that is so imersive i indeed think of this game. 

the quest to get to the store tells a better story that death stranding could ever tell trully a work of art


Deleted 2 years ago

no ur 52 minutes late

You think I care?


if you say its not good i will slit your throat with a butter knife but comedic -ally   so it's okay 


virus rating (as of 4/24/2020): 

.zip file: 0/63

.exe file: 1/73

so its a maybe

almost every exe will have this virus rating lmao

alright insanely late update:
the one that was marked as 1 was some dumb one that ive found out is like only false positives so

virus rating (as of 7/31/2020)

.zip file: 0/63

.exe file: 0/73

so it is safe

this game looks kinda thicc just like your mothers eh he he


made me want to simultaneously shoot myself and drink milk and default dance in a circle at the same time

f**king playable

The Linux build has an android icon. 

yes, so another great game is born


yes men

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Haha milk go   S L U R P


I don't need it, i don't need it, i neeeeeeed iiittttt!


Just another THICC Karlson game


Dady dany give me some milk my thiccccc boy


bruh milk slurpp slurpp


I drunk my milk, ive played the games, DANI You cant make an openworld sandbox kalson Thing which is THICC or… can you?


bruh moment


he needs some milk

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Bad game 2.0



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what is this

it's like GTA


It's GTA 6


girl are you GTA 6? Because Sernandoe was making clickbait about you years before you came out.


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