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you think you can beat me?


Bro you are actually an elite gamer


How. Just how.



am i better then a epic gamer? this is my fourth time playing

it should count how many times you have played, and your best

Still in floor 9 ;-;


I have a few suggestions if you ever extend the game:

1: start with less HP, but there is a HP max increasing powerup

2: make the coins just a little bigger, also five and ten coins for later game

3: make the crates able to be destroyed with bullets

4: bullet damage upgrade

5: bonus points used in a menu shop to get permanent upgrades (like a third weapons slot, unlock grenades, increase starting stats)

6: i love the reload speed upgrade, but it seems to cap out on all weapons, also it is just a little OP

7: make the shop chests get more expensive over time, but get better weapons over time

8: rocket launchers with super long reloads, but explosive projectiles

9: Make the difficulty reach a few new tiers, but only if you are on specific floors or higher (floor 10+ is nightmare if you get late enough, 14+ is Titan tier)

with these higher tiers add black (Mine layers) and silver (Stationary enemies that start spinning firing bullets)

10: more enemies!

11: damage powerups

12: Large rooms (bigger with more enemies)

13: three new room types (chest room with free chest, really rare, large shop with 3 chests, and a actual shop which shows you what you are going to get, but has higher pricing)

14: more chest types (gun type chests (gives from a category), higher and lower tier chests, mimics)

15: a whole bunch of new gun types (like a laser, a homing missile, a 8-shot, a leech gun that slowly fills hearts, a golden gun that takes coins to fire, triple and quadruple shot guns)

16: improve the speed up powerups, and get rid of the annoying side drift issue

17: rocketier enemies (T1 with regular rockets, T2 with slower, but homing rockets), ghost enemies (invisible til they get close), creeper enemies (reference to minecraft, blows you up like a regular creeper), suicidal enemies (charges in and explodes), laser enemies, and more!

18: multiplayer options (like a LAN game where you can play with friends on co-op, vs, and any other modes you want)

more suggestions coming soon!

I disagree with number 2 unless there're expensive things to buy.


the reason why is some enemies burst in five or more coins, so i suggested number 2 to reduce lag, as i usually get to about 110 coins and then ignore them, which means that the coins start causing lag, this would reduce it, also, one of the suggestions does go more expensive

if it to reduce lag, can I would agree.

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I agree with everything except for 1;you should start with the same health


Made it, sorry about the popup, i didn't notice it til after i died


How about a pet that boost the damage or speed.

Update it pls me love it



Very nice. Certified epic gamer!

Epic gamer moment.

big cool

I made it to floor 10. Then I die :(

I'm too :(

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Good game. Wondering if you would make a 3D version of this game? I lasted until "f"

hi dany i love ur game but it would be funny if u could add secret passages who would skip an floor but like super hidden ex in a wall or the floor with some clues of where it is but if u cant its ok keep up the great work!

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Stage 12 in 28 minutes.


Too easy to get cash, making the chests rather useless once you get the ultimate setup.

Enemies too predictable. Hugging the wall shooting towards the middle/enemy and you're pretty much safe until you get to the "oh shit" part of the game. 

Dashing through the boxes are a bit tricky, as you have to align your character and have enough distance to be able to break them. You can't be next to the box and dash and expect it to break.

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I got to stage 7 (in ca 16min, after 5 tries) and my feedback is:

  • Maybe take a look at Celeste's dash, the feedback there when you can use it again is very good.
    Make the triangle change color for a sec and add a bling sound (or simmilar) or let it change color as long as it's not usable.
  • LET ME BREAK TH BOXES WITH THE BULLETS. Sorry that made me more angry than it should have, since the breaking with dashing is a bit fiddly.
  • As you said in your Video the Minimap is a bit janky (but imo doable).
  • The movemant is very responsive (which is good) but a bit to unprecise. That and the fact that the coins are very small which makes it very hard to pick them up.

I got to floor 9, and here are some feedback:

Coins are hard to collect, maybe you should make the coins bigger or add a magnet to the player

You should change the soda to a glass of milk..

It is hard to navigate in the dungeon, because you cant see the corridors on the mini map.

I wish you could break crates whit your gun.

If you continue this game you better continue fair n square. That game didn't got the love it needed.


I'm sorry Italian if I miss a few words in English

I love this game, you are the first to bring similar content (good content) to youtube, you are an inspiration

The only thing I could not shoot. And also the resolution 21: 9 didn't fit.

Anyway, you did a wonderful job :)

I love the geometry games you make :))

Deleted 1 year ago

I really like this game and i got to stage 7 in 15 minutes. Playing on very hard is yea...very hard. Sometimes anemys spawn right next to you and you wont have any chance to avoid them. 

The coins are pretty bad to get cus they are really tiny.

I sometimes dont know were I already was and where not. Would it be possible to see that on the minimap?

The crates sometimes wont break and wouldnt it be cool if you can shoot them?

(I am really sorry for my bad english. I am still practicing)


Thanks for the good feedback! And your english is fine :)

For me the whole game was hard.

I made it to floor 6, here's my feedback:

  • The art is pretty basic, but the music is nice.
  • Dashing towards the mouse is annoying, the triangle should dash in the current direction of movement.
  • The movement is quite inaccurate, making it difficult to pick up the coins. They should be picked up automatically if in range of the player.
  • There is no feedback on when I can reuse the dash after using it.
  • Coins and projectiles of yellow enemies look very similar.
  • The dark blue enemies are hard to see.
  • The upgrades and different weapons don't add much to the game.
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Nice Game! Only complaints are:

1. Coins are HARD to get so make their size bigger.

2. Please don't choose colours that are hard to see (the blue enemy's bullets was hard to dodge since the colour blended too well)

3. Minimap need to show corridors or at least explored rooms.

4. Needing to point to dash is a bit strange. I like to dash based on the direction you're moving to so i can shoot and stay away but that might be a design decision. Actually I'm getting used to the dasing, sort of. The one thing I don't like about it is that you can't tell when your dash recharge. Perhaps change the colour of the triangle.

5. Breaking crates with your dash doesn't always break.

6. Continue the game, like what you did with Balls? (since it's equally addictive)

7.I reached floor 7 and it said "oh shit" below the time.


Thanks for the great feedback! :)

The problem with the crates is when you dash at them at close range they wont break.


I agree it's a really good game but has a lot of issues.


Yo Dani, The game was super fun, but my 1060 was hitting 54 degrees C. Not sure if this is normal for a game made with unity, but i figured it was something worth nothing since it's primarily made of basic geometry  and light shaders


Oh, probably becuase of all the fancy bloom and other post processing effects. I should probably make it more lightweight haha, but you can always change it in the options.

I don't think it's normal.

Deleted post

Dani, can you make that on mobile???

If yes, when?

If no, why?

Hey dani huge fan and all but Im on mac and downloaded the mac file but i cant seen to find the game itself other than some file of framework and stuff


Oh, I'm not sure why that happens sorry :/ But you should be able to play the game in the browser now! :)



Dani I'm a fan of you but is it really hard to put your game on android


Perhaps indeed..

Deleted 1 year ago




I think i ruined the suprise of what it was gonna be in the community page post lol

Damn its good. Can u give the link to the ludum dare page to rate your game.


Thanks! And yep, the link is now on the page :)

Made it through 1 impossible room then died.

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nice game btw you can push/shoot the crates behind walls. got to floor 4 :D

got to floor 9:) lots of fun!!!


Dani I am your faan I am 10 years old the youngest coder can we make a game with collaboration

Dani your games are darn good pls make more

Dani you have out done yourelf again i love your games your dev vlogs vids your awesome and hopefuly you have good results at university


love your games Dani! (yt channel too ;D)


Really enjoyed this game.

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