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I just downloaded all of danis games


Indeed THIC

Is it just me, or is that triangle looking kinda.......THICC!
print("THICC TRIANGLES make me go YES");

Good game, but I think that there should be an option to make KARLSON VIBE the music. Great work, bonner.


My least favorite part of this game was the part in the description where you said it's bad. Smh. A game doesn't have to have super complex graphics or whatever to be fun to play, and this one is definitely fun to play--which is the whole point of a video game! I'm going to save it to my collection so I can play it again later, and maybe do a video of it at some point.
My one critique: the coins are at times hard to distinguish from the yellow bullets. The two solutions I can think of for this would be 1) changing the color of the yellow enemy or 2) making the bullets smaller and/or making the coins bigger. Obviously it's a great game either way, just if you're looking for little tweaks to make when/if you update it, keep that in mind.


why are you a triangle but the map is squares? 

please add ZQSD controls !!


tf are those




Mwa Mwa milky, need some CHOCOLATE MILK . Am i right B O N N E R S ?



This game is PHISICS!


yay play in browser

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made me go Y E S


Wow  Dani, Very Milk

pono mākou i ka waiū



ggood job dani




Oh well, I think I beat it..

floor 6

floor 2, 5:38

floor 2,5 2:39

Floor 7 - 15:01

i got to very oh shit then i got bored

Umm how do we play the mac version????? MILK?!?!?!?!? 


by downloading the mac version ._.

this is a pretty good game. I follow you!













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i cant play the mac one is the windows one

reuplode it


I agree 


The exe file doesnt named by "fairnsquare.exe" :(


I cant start the game :(

Yeah me too dude :(

epic game right there dani aint good bad

wait this isnt fairnsquare how did that get in the install insturctions

did not expect to see dani in,i need to check the description next time lol
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Nice Game! Made it to floor 11





put checkpoints in the game boiiiii

brush he isn't  going to update the game

Okay boomer

I can only make it to level five

i got 2 lv 6



Floor 9. So close.

ok boomer this EPIC


hey could you send me the index file from this project please i would love to port your Awsome game into html on ill give you all rights send it to

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