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This is me when my 1% fat milk get chucked out by my mate.

Deleted 66 days ago

you should put it on HP chromebook

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS i am just waiting for a tutorial or a video that tells me something about this game ;/

The first stage is literally the tutorial

there is a tutorial lol 

its called putting it on playstore which is difficult as it is coded for win mac and linux not android webg or chrome os

Whenever i try to open it, i get a notice on my pc that "Unityplayer.dll was not found." Why this happen

You clicked "unzip here" instead of "unzip to [folder]" try again

Why aren't you allowed to download game even tho you're told the can?   


a true inspiration!

a true milk-spiration!

how do you download the game

read the instructions



download EVERYTHING in the file, like unityplayer.dll etc.

you sure?

unless ur using the client, if it still doesnt work, use the client

very cool

so i was watching speedruns and i was wonder how to shoot super fast like they do somehow


I think they use an autoclicker lol


keep clicking out the game, please add fullscreen

how to get in the game? 


i am new dont now how to get it instald

Just download and click on the file with says game/karlson after unzipping the folder

I love this game! I don't like that it dosen't have many levels though..


Deleted Post

Deleted Post

Deleted Post


it would be cool to have a level editor


yeah go wishlist on steam or dani will slap you with a sack (or he can't do that)

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I beat stage 2 in under 6.85 seconds

beat me.

I beat the entire thing in 40

beat me.

I beat the entire thing in 20 seconds

fite me



is it safe to load bc my pc says its unsafe?


yea me to

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Yeah it's all good

Also you should try out my new game Death Runner, just saying

only the most shamless of plugs


Fr Im trying brooo 



how do i launch karlson after i download it??

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drag it from downloads onto a desktop. Then you want to make a folder and right click extract here. But, for Mac take it from downloads and ut in folder (or wherever) and double click (or right click open)


Omg this game is so fun, so sad it only has 8 levels 
Love your stuff Dani


kinda anoying that it runs to the left by itself. or is my pc broken?

doesnt do that with me, im using mac rn, but it does sometimes do that with other games on my pc

not epic but more like not wjAR KU<


it is fun yes

i agree

reply if you agree

i agree

reply if you agree

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it says that 

The application “karlson” can’t be opened. what to do?

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Hey that happened for me, because I didn't extract everything into the same folder. Maybe your having the same problem?


You need to have the .exe in the same folder with the karlson data folder and stuff. Keep it in one folder and extract there.

There isn't much of a way to get past level eight without throwing my body against the wall a bunch of times...

guys why wont it let me download it and it keeps saying file forbidden please help me as as soon as possible

Give a log, maybe be more specific then I can help you.


To play on win 10 : 

1-download the app 

 2-log in or register

3-Tap in the search bar  karlson


5-Launch the game and enjoy

how do you launch the game sorry if im a little stupid

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There is two ways

1-Go to downloads

2-Tap karlson from the search bar and launch from there

awesome game!



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can't download file it keeps getting removed

Cant play it (mac)

i played it in mac

how? it doesnt open 4 me


ok for Mac click download and then go to the upside-down arrow at top right corner of safari and drag the file from the downloads to desktop then double-click


its not letting me play the game

What do you mean? Please be specific and I can help you.


I downloaded the game... BUT HOW DO I PLaY IT, I CANT EVEN OPEN THE GAME

do u have win rar or something

Win Rar isn't required, you can use 7Zip like me.

Or just use windows's (or whatever OS you're on) builtin zip extractor

You must extract the .zip folder into another folder. Keep everything you extracted there including the .zip folder, then double click the .exe or right click it and click "Open".

how do u download on linux I dont know how

karlson: It's time to kick ### and drink milk, and i'm all out of milk.

Duke Nukem: Hey, that's almost my line.


Wish there was more levels

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