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so i looked into the files and found the files for a level 0 and 9, are these playable?


they are unity related and not related to dani so no


They are just some test maps, not actually anything good. Though I am planniing on adding more maps

Maybe he is making more levels because now you can only play 8 levels :O

dani i can download it into the files but i dont know what to do after that

Deleted 3 years ago
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Are you planning on making more than 8 stages for the game?


i cant install the game


constantly sliding will build up momentum and will make you super fast

just wanted to put this bug out here


it's fun, plz don't remove i

a keep on going left

<-- that way 

is it intentional?? 

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My dream is to make a game like that. Can i access the source code?


Hmm I might put up the soure code

Thank you alot...

Did you ever get the source code?


you are very good bro!

Really nice game jam game, really fun game mechanics.

Deleted 1 year ago

Yeah ill fix it in the future :)


you are going to continue to work on it!! yay!!

Hey Dani , How do PC games earn?

I earn nothing from pc games

He earns nothing sadly.

well done dani i like it its so much fun i give it 7

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Dani the game is a little laggy for my laptop, can you make options for optimization? (sorry if my english is bad, im from brazil)

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i agree it is quick because i do it in 12 minutes and it is such a fun game to play so maybe more levels in the future

exe not opening


Hey Dani, could u please add more levels or an endless mode because it only takes me 25 minutes to finish the game and it was so much fun that I am sad now because there is no more stuff to do

Not working for Mac!!!!


how to download the game


There are a bunch of levels you can't really finish without abusing bugs... that was kinda disapointing since this game is otherwis really fun.


if you kind of spam "s", you go lightning speed the camera cant catch up,im not sure if this is a bug or not.


he left it in bcs its fun lol



Enemies: no!


Please i want to try this game in my phone 

If it will be able it's gonna get a lot of success 


I might eventually port it to phones, we'll see


It never came out on mobile sadly.


Make a game series of Karlson

Great game. Loving your games as always! 😄😄😄

What's your new game :0

WHATSUP Dani! I know ur from Bergen in Norway. Im from Stavanger, so... yeah! I love your "A day as a student...". Du e kul. Snakkes!

Takker :D

 me form Sweden, feel like a outsider. and me do no drink milk, its pretty sad

That's very sad :(

Make a RPG game, Or, Can't you?


What is that last part supposed to mean?

Hey Dani!! I love the game, great job! Are you gonna be revisiting this? p.s. I can't use the settings, is that intended or..?


Hey Dani!! I love the game, great job! Are you gonna be revisiting this? p.s. I can't use the settings, is that intended or..?

I think I'll do some more with it yeah :) And yeah, I'll fix settings soon!


I don't think he is going to do anything else with this game.

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HEY Really good damn game I used to be world record holder until someone beat me but im working hard to get back my spot of wr (Im also hoping that u will add more maps for the game i would love to speed run them)


Awesome, and yah I'm planning to do more with Karlson ;D



Still waiting for more levels dani

Congrats for being the world record holder before.

really well done and that just in 2 days .i had a lot of fun trying to finish it as fast as possible ;D


nice. Stage 7 i couldn't beat, lol too hard

I made video to.

loved it a lot <3




but would have liked more stages

This reminds me of Max Payne, SuperHot and My friend Pedro!! This is really cool!!


Thank you, Max Payne and SuperHot are definitely my biggest inspirations, haven't gotten to try out Pedro yet unfortunately. I plan on soon though!

oh cool!! :D



After a long time find something like this,
awesome game.


omg this game is just too good! love it! reminds me of super hot...

Awesome, glad to hear as it's inspired by Super Hot! :)

i wish for mor stages awesome game 

Looks great

one of your best games yet!

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