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is it safe to load bc my pc says its unsafe?


yea me to

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Yeah it's all good

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only the most shamless of plugs


Fr Im trying brooo 



how do i launch karlson after i download it??

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drag it from downloads onto a desktop. Then you want to make a folder and right click extract here. But, for Mac take it from downloads and ut in folder (or wherever) and double click (or right click open)


Omg this game is so fun, so sad it only has 8 levels 
Love your stuff Dani


kinda anoying that it runs to the left by itself. or is my pc broken?

doesnt do that with me, im using mac rn, but it does sometimes do that with other games on my pc

not epic but more like not wjAR KU<


it is fun yes

i agree

reply if you agree

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it says that 

The application “karlson” can’t be opened. what to do?

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Hey that happened for me, because I didn't extract everything into the same folder. Maybe your having the same problem?


You need to have the .exe in the same folder with the karlson data folder and stuff. Keep it in one folder and extract there.

There isn't much of a way to get past level eight without throwing my body against the wall a bunch of times...

guys why wont it let me download it and it keeps saying file forbidden please help me as as soon as possible

Give a log, maybe be more specific then I can help you.


To play on win 10 : 

1-download the app 

 2-log in or register

3-Tap in the search bar  karlson


5-Launch the game and enjoy

how do you launch the game sorry if im a little stupid

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There is two ways

1-Go to downloads

2-Tap karlson from the search bar and launch from there

awesome game!



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can't download file it keeps getting removed

Cant play it (mac)

i played it in mac

how? it doesnt open 4 me

ok for Mac click download and then go to the upside-down arrow at top right corner of safari and drag the file from the downloads to desktop then double-click


its not letting me play the game

What do you mean? Please be specific and I can help you.


I downloaded the game... BUT HOW DO I PLaY IT, I CANT EVEN OPEN THE GAME

do u have win rar or something

Win Rar isn't required, you can use 7Zip like me.

Or just use windows's (or whatever OS you're on) builtin zip extractor

You must extract the .zip folder into another folder. Keep everything you extracted there including the .zip folder, then double click the .exe or right click it and click "Open".

how do u download on linux I dont know how

karlson: It's time to kick ### and drink milk, and i'm all out of milk.

Duke Nukem: Hey, that's almost my line.


Wish there was more levels

use app

i am playing this game without app... so you don't need it


if you wont to play the game you need to:

1.  install winrar

2. download  game again

3. when you are downloaded the game open file 

4. then right-click on first file and click extract 

i hope i help you guys (plz reply me if i help you)


it didn't work


Duge THANK YOU, I really wanted to play this game and you helped me. Thumbs up forever. Well until you do other good stuf\

win rar isn't required, you can use 7zip or something

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can you make a windows ten version please i watch all your vids and i subbed

but there is win 10 version 

where. it only says windows 64 bits and windows something

Download the app

i  compited it


i am from you tube


My Friend Pedro x SuperHot AWESOME

Its so true and I hate you

Such a nice game!!! BTW Hey Dani make level creator it would be fun to play player levels.


how do you launch it


u need to have  itch even do u have an account doesn't meen u can play u need to downloud itch and when its done open it and it will say on the bottem of the screen if u go to any game install


i wish there was a level creator


how do i pay on Linux? i downloaded it and its in my folder now what? (when i right click theirs no "unzip"

Its reaaaaallly good hopfully he updates it

can someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


can someone help me idk how to open this!!!

get winRAR



I can't open the app in Mac it say that the app coudln´t open help me also team tree gam can't be opened 

its really easy tho solve u just right click on it and open it or search it on youtube i saw it myself u had tho do something ur settings but it isn't that hard tho do hopefully i helped u and good luck

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can you give me URL of that video that you watched...i searched but i cant find any tutorial.

thanks 😀

u need to DOWNLOUD itch u dont just need an acc u also need it but yea so if u downlouded ur itch u go to ANY TYPE OF GAME and if u go to the BOTTEM OF YOUR SCREEN it will say INSTALL and thats your help i hoped it was usefull and have fun


I don't want to sound like a f****** idiot but it not working it is saying I need to look for the damn game in the store and when I click search :( it say exactly this

The code execution cannot proceed because  UnityPlayer.ddl was not found. Rienstalling the program may fix this problem.

hint reinstalling didn't worKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!


My Karlson Speedrun:

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