A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Ultimate Flappy Bird clone doesn't exi...

What am i even doing with my life anymore lol


Install instructions

* Download the .zip file

* Right click it, and unzip the file

* Double click "FartyRocket.exe" to run the game!


Farty Rocket (Windows 64) 29 MB
Farty Rocket (Windows 32) 26 MB
Farty Rocket (Linux) 32 MB
Farty Rocket (Mac) 30 MB


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fuck this game


its fanny game thanks dani its a epic funny game


Needs V sync Dani


this isn t work on MacOs  Catalina all your game isn t working on macOS Catalina I can t run game :(


ikr before i had macos high sierra it worked but now that i've updated it too macos catalina it doesn't work =(


Gamers: NOOOOOO Dani you can't just copy flappy bird but make it a rocke-

Dani: Haha  Rocket go fart

im just sayin (dani always said that when hi says thicc)

Is it just me or is the rocket kinda  THICC

yo whats up dani

haha rocket farts

A good time shrugger

i love it 

with the milky way ;)

Dani:a banana



Dani be like: ill make a another game!

Dani after some milk:hA Ha RoCkEt Go BrRrRrRr

My rocket is very farty


haha rocket go brrrrrrrrrrrr


Next level creativity

Such a creative game


Am i the only one that noticed that you make a lot of MOBILE games that are downloadable only for WIN, MAC, and LINUX? I found nothing about mobile downloads on any of your pages. Also you have two pages for basically same game ("Balls" and "Off the balls").

What's up with that?

That's because his mobile downloads are on the google play store (because of complications with apple, android apps only)


off the balls is an earlier version of the game

u should make this into a VR game (or, u can't)



why dani has a broken phone (bad grammar on purpose)



ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok gud game Dani


It’s not a virus


it says its a virus and cant load


Run the file > More Info > Run anyways


contact me by email:mackenzieandrade62@gmail.com

how do i get zip file




make it so its on chrome os    plz


just download on play store (well i dont really know is there play store on chrome os but chrome os is android based os)


Chrome OS Is Linux Based

android is linux based too. some chromebooks don't have play store and not able to install apk files. but maybe you able to get play store by updating the chrome os version --> https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7021273?hl=en 

(1 edit)

it is available for android in google play store so you can download it. he said it in his vid in youtube. just search farty rocket and it'll come up.

It wont work

Are you on iOS?

it needs vsync pls it hurts my eyes

hahaha get rekt tommy I am playing it right now and it is so god damn good

why doesn't this work on my macbook air this is the only computer i have and you don't support ios

(1 edit)

He dosent support ios because its probably harder to do that so he does android i think Edit: There is a mac download link in here

U have IOS on Macbook? Well if yes... you are good... But just to make sure... Are you sure its not MacOS? :D

I ment macos

pls make this game on ios i wanna play on my ipad 7

can you make it avaliable for cromebook pl


its on the play store im pretty sure


He Can't It's Impossible You Should Know That Everything Is Online For Chromebook That Is Why I Don't Use Chromebooks I Use PC

some chromebooks have google play store support

(1 edit)

my PC blocked the game pls help

probably false alarm from ur antivirus

pls get this on apple so i can do good on it computer controls just aint like touch 

Umm, you can get it on mac. theres a mac download link

pls help it doesn't work for me 

i doesnt work, i am on mac

its because its ios and games on ios are really haard

Theres a mac download link

I'm On My Mom's Mac Because Mysister Is Using My PC And It Works

it actually works on mac its just complicated to do it

how do you do it

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