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and ofc i can not unzip the file

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can anybody help me idk how to launch im on windows 7 and if i press download i get the files but how can i play the game pls help?

You need to unzip it, and the double click the "fairnsquare.exe" file

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thanks it worked :)

(btw broke your record mine is 23.950)


how do I unzip things, I'm not very good at computery stuff, but the game seems really cool and I wanna play.

you open the zip file and drag the file out

Hey don't know why this happens but I play on I downloaded the Linux one and tried to launch it but it doesn't launch.It doesn't run anything at all after I launch it so can you help me please?Really want to play the game

try unziping it

my highest is 10k and i got there with 10 hp and a sword so far from beating dani

i am very peaky with my games but idfk but this game made me want to play it and it might helped that i am also a game developer so i know how hard is to make a video game if you are a beginner at least. i like it 10/10

May I review this game for twitch/youtube?


Thanks so much, ill link it here when I am done!

add a inventory and being able to switch between multiple guns (they would have a cool down depending on fire rate)

also make sure the AIs are a bit smarter and so they don't fall in the lava

health on kills when you kill a person you can a chance of (1,2,3 or whatever) extra health

being able to pause and going into the shop for another gun


awsome game, but can you make an option so that I could use W as a jump button, thanks

It So cooI, u can made it with just 48 hour... and i pretty like the music :3
i hope i can make one like this

This is awesome!

oof no love for linux


Just uplaoded a Linux build, let me know if it works!

it does not work when i open it, it says the file "fairnsquare.x86" has no known programs associated with it.

try using a virtual machine to find the problems, I'm using linux mint try it with Ubuntu first

there is a new build for linux out now, if it does not work just use wine

if you had a bluescreen and were still able to make something like this you are just something else better than a human

Got a bluescreen when downloading the file


Still looks fun though


Hahah for real? Oh boi the irony in that :D


I enjoyed the game as much as your video, Keep up the great work!

UW displays support please


controller support... boom

its so cool u can play if u don't have anything to do not boring good sound effects mostly the background music.


its fun but i found that you can get a sword and speed and never die its op 


Cool and all, but how in damn dani god do i get health?

I really like it, hope you add multiplayer soon!

I would just like to note the way you setup the files on itch the project can't be downloaded from itch's local client.

Great! I love it

You're literally the best solo game developer I've ever seen. This game is so awesome and noting the fact that you made it in less than 48 hours (Blue screen wasted ur time), is very surprising in itself. Keep up the good work!
 I can't imagine how good you can make this game if you put  months into it. Just unbelievable! 

Could you do a mac release <3 the game looks awesome but i dont have a windows PC :(

I will try to get one out!

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Thanks so much! :D


Mindblowing,and addicting!

Thank you Dani,very cool..

Can i play that game with my friend? (online)



I liked the part where you bullied me!

Great game dad, pleasing aesthetics and smooth controls

- SyntaxError404


Really fun game and cool physics

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