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is it just me, or is that square lookin' kinda T H I C C

square with guns are always  very cool and this game is a proof of that

no no don't touch me there this is my no no square wait shit he has a gun

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oh no square has a gun

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I just aciddently take select everything and take them off-screenI aciddently just take everything off-screen
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But like why can't you make it work in a browser (Or YoU cAn'T dO tHaT)




you sound like OraNgE jUiCe gAnG

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orange juice gang and milk gang should U N I T E, after all they are both drinks.




thats bullyism


Deleted 22 days ago



are you going to add multiplayer?

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btw dani i have a  question, when we can play off the sticks, cuz if i can play of the sticks right now it will make me go


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dani: i think i will add some updates

bluescreen: how about 



Hello Dani, I have little problem.

I don't have 64bit system, only 32bit. Can you make 32bit version?

i think there is a 32 bit link up there

How do i use 32 bit link???? because if I can it makes me go Y E S

sorry, I am on 64-bit Mac so just press it?



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MULTIPLaYER ya piece of sweet thick MILK



Could you make this multiplayer so it's either a standoff or a zombie type this where two players work together


dude ....big brain thts also what i think....imagine this game multiplayer .

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Yo, If chu wanna play on chromebook then its pretty simple.

1. Enable Linux Beta Mode ( duh )

2.Go into terminal and type chmod 777 ( executable file .64 file etc )

3 type ./( executable file .64 file etc ) 

this is simple not all files work and yeah. play fun games if ya want.

thanks made a account just for this

~Peace Dani is best btw


i cant do it because...

chmod: cannot access 'fairnsquare.x86_64': No such 
file or directory


-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('
help i keep getting this error when i copy and paste
chmod 777 ( executable file .64 file etc )
into the terminal


you only copy the chmod 777 text.


chmod: missing operand after ‘777’

Try 'chmod --help' for more information.

im sorry im not at all a programmer. Can someone tell me exactly that to type and what will happen.

chromebook is the biggest shit


pls put them on steam

he probably wont, since they arent big enough games to be on steam, and arent polished enough to be on steam. a lot of his android games get critisism for being low effort and stuff, but thats because most of the time the games he makes arent researched for and are just made for a challenge or the fun of it. he just releases them so we can mess around with them.


Please make this game on android

Dude this game is awesome!

Karlson and off the sticks and off the balls and fair n square and triangle game and Karlson 2d and tree team good B)


this game cool


yes true

i was about to make a game where your a cube and shoot red cubes and save blue cubes.... but i have 2 reasons to not make it
1- i dont freakin know how to script and make a game in unity so i have it for no reason
2- you already got the idea and made this gam

but maybe i will make i

how do i download?


scroll own and click the "Download" button

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I use linux (mint 17.2 Rafaela) and it wont work. So I downloaded it fine, I went into files and there was no option to unzip, so I extracted it (I hope That extracting was the right thing to do) but when I tried opening the file labeled

'fairnsquare.x86_64' it would not open right, when I tried to open it it just opened application finder and I couldn't find the game, Can someone help/guide me about how to get the game working?

idk but i think it's just the latest version of linux not custom versions but idk since i don't have a linux and i don't own this game

Ok, I’ll see about getting the newest! Thanks!



i have linux but still cant fucking play


depends on what linux]

which one? I have linux mint 17.2 rafaela, will it work for me?


i dont know it didnt work in mine byt nothing does.I have a pixelbook and i have no ide what type of linux it runs,it is posible to run almost anything with a few commands wich wont work for me

Thanks anyway!

nice game dani (:

Very good..

Downloaded it

WOW! I am your fan in youtube and you are on ITCH IO?! YES!

That's literally what he does on youtube

I did not know he posts his games on itch tho

what...,His Most Popular Video İs Making A Video Game (Karlsson) İn Which He Showed That He Uses İ

And I did not watch his most popular vid at the time I am writing this reply

first time played it got 5700


The blur colors make the game so cool and can you make a new enemy like minigun enemy? 

  • Go to you project
  • Edit the game
  • put  the new minigun enemy

have to say thats an impressive game for only having 2 days


You don't need separate programs to extract .ZIP, just right click the file and click "extract all". (If ur on win10)

My first game! It's great!


Wow nice game. I think I will make one similar 🤔🤔


the first time i play the my high score is 950 

I don't see the zip file

Maybe theres a zip file somewhere


pls stop putting it on zip! i am ppor and cant afford zips pass or wf's HELP PLS


Can't afford zip pass? Dude. It's free to open zip files.

Just download.. winrar.

Winrar has a "free trial" but it just asks you after the trial to buy it. Does not even force you.

No restrictions.

Deleted 223 days ago
Deleted 223 days ago
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