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Your games won't boot on linux.

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Once you've extracted the -zip folder, you need to open the folder in the terminal by right-clicking on it and pressing 'Open in Terminal'. After that you need to type in chmod +x ./TeamTreesLinux.x86_64. As soon as you did that you just need to type in ./TeamTreesLinux.x86_64 te last command will boot the game. After you did this once you can just double click on the application and it should open up.

This only works on Ubuntu. (All ubuntu distributions like mint etc.)

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Sorry. Still not working. I Tried Manualy and itch desktop app

Also sorry for the late reply

Sorry i do not have any other ideas. I wish you good luck ;D


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It doesn't even work at all for mac..

can't plant trees, or drop things on mac.

Please fix this (or he can't do that)


well (he cant do that) because he dont have mac

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he made the game on a mac, didnt he? he made balls on a mac.

Also same problem here.

I'm pretty sure he made it on a windows computer. My macOS is not letting me do anything when i play it.

He Made the game on windows because dani (The Developer) Posted a Video On How He Did It


how do you unzip a file? it dosnt give me an option to

u extracted the files

When i plant tree i exit and save when i enter the game the tree deleted.

Pls Fix This and give me my 250 coins tree NOW.


woah there karen cool down

found a bug. If you dig a hole and an ai was also about to dig that hole, when both of you finish, the hole stays there until you restart the game. But you lose like, all you're growing trees...

How do I restart the game, though?


hey dani aint lazy he is better than epic games


Computer programmers r usually lazy lol

It wont let me unzip the folder ;

Bruh Why U Copypasting FairnSquare instructions

get over it he lazy

if he is lazy u make a better game





Banana for life

Jackpeeco is right the mac version is broken u drop u can't pick up and can't dig hole neither water tress


Ummmm...  The mac version is broken. After I drop the things I can't pick them up again. I also can't dig hole and water the trees. PLz fix the mac version!


It does not work on mac catalina please fix dani

Use the unarchiver and open the Package contence

Fun game but it just takes a while to get started and making progress.

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main is bhaasha ko bhee nahin jaanata why did i even write this in a comment section for a game. Also fariq al'ashjar lol.

I know what i said kinda but do you?

go commit google translate

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Please make where trees always plant over holes instead of having to click them or right click just so everyone else who broke the game with thousands of saplings can have the game be ruined with tons of 1$ trees too. Or atleast a sapling reseter that makes them all despawn.

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Help what are the controls i cant find out.

It might be a bug where i just cant play though.

Ok it was just a bug that made me have to reload it.

Please tell me.

why is he watering nothing


he is finally moving yes

I cannot purchase pewdiepie pack

Y does it say for me to "

* Double click "fairnsquare.exe" to run the game!

" even though i'm wanting to play dis! game!

it's just a mistake. Download the game and run "TreeTeam.exe" instead of "fairnsquare.exe"


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Is it safe?

it said This file hasent been downloaded commonly so it might be dangerous I dont know if i should

I meant the 64 bit is safe So dont reply

bro I’m gonna reply and you can’t stop me

64 bit is epico de lico so shut up about safety


The game is cool but it gets boring nice to have like dungeons or termites that would delay your progress

norsk? norsk. NOORRRSK!

HAN ER NORSK  SNAKK NORSK (bare tulla jeg er bare fasinert at han er norsk) translation: HE IS NORWEGIAN SPEAK NORWEGIAN (just kidding i'm just fasinated that he is Norwegian)

Nice game!

But after a while you get bored.  

 So some enemies that destroy trees would be nice.


Good game!

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hey Dani,

the instructions to download the game says to double click fairnsquare, even though this is Tree Team

just thought i would let u know

on mac i cant pick any thing up or dig holes when i manage pick something up

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Nice a new game to mod

yeah but how to mod??

Can You Make it Available for Amazon Fire Tablets. Because I would Love to Play This But Its Not Available(Could You Possibly Send Me The APK) 

Im not really sure how to play :\

I think the mac version is super bugged  :\


hey i found a bug in your game, read the description to see more info about it.

also, in the description of the game, on this site, itch you've said this:

Install instructions

* Download the .zip file

* Right click it, and unzip the file

* Double click "fairnsquare.exe" to run the game!

solve the bugs, your game is awesome!

It's a nice game the only thing that is missing is another Area that is like TwitchCon's outside and you can put characters like Ninja, SpaceLion, Streamers and more. Just some ideas i hope you update it a little bit, But continue the great games.   : )

Well, nice game MilkMan.

Good Game Let's plant trees :)

me too

The trees have came to invade the holes AND NOW THEY WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD






Also i have early access mode of this crazy stuff 

but im stupid and idk how to put the image here

good game love ur content Dani. AND REMEMBER DRINK YOUR MILK KIDS!

Deleted 84 days ago

The only thing I drink boi

Deleted post

With the mouse you can right click and it will throw

i hope you can still piss.......hahhah ;D

I cant

sad man

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