A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Karlson is here to kick ass and drink milk, and he's all out of milk. 


Karlson is a short game made in 2 days for the Mix And Game Jam, hosted by Mix and Jam. The theme was to recreate a mechanic from a game in another dimension. I happen to be a huge fan of slow-mo, explosions, shooting, etc, so I decided to recreate Super Hots slow-mo mechanic.

So whenever you don't press any right- or left-input, time slows down. This allows you to get slow-mo during jumps and slides, which looks dope. Have fun! :)

Updated 19 days ago
Published 29 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux


Karlson (Windows 64bit) 24 MB
Karlson (Windows 32bit) 22 MB
Karlson (Linux) 28 MB
Karlson (Mac) 26 MB


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I thought it was hard but its realy easy. fun

Good Game man!

i love your gaames but I dont downlowd them cus

my laptope is lagy and is hp stream so i dont wunt it to be more laggy cus of no free space and i havft to share this laptop so i cant make it lagy oh ya and love the game lol

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Made a mod for this;

I disabled the enemy's ability to shoot, so now Karlson can peacefully kick ass and get his milk back.

Instructions of how to install are included in the download.

I have also created a discord for this game, link is below the download link

click here to download the mod.

click here to join the discord.

Great game, pretty fun :), came after watching your yt video :D.


cool but how do i play

could you make a map creator/generator?

Pls add more stages and a hard mode that makes the stages harder the games just really short. Also in stage 5 in the first room below the window to the right theres a weird area you can go through and it really annoyed me because i would get confused from randomly falling into the hole from that area.

In the game, the character just keeps going left? Can Someone please help?

cool stuff.


Can you make it a mobile


epiccc B)


how do you download the game


my try



Here are 4 Glitches

  1. You can climb Walls by walking against it and spaming jump
  2. by spaming slide you can gain huge amont of speed (Stage 1 in 3.63 sec)
  3. While you hold a gun walk and spam E you can make every weapon into an automatic rifle
  4. On Stage 3, when the enemys or Pixel Danny falls of the back they dont die

I hope you can fix these Glitches :)


extremely easy make it harder or add more levels. PLEASE ADD MORE LEVELS


i cant fucking download it on my fucking macbook

it was awesome


i beat the game

Really cool game. I´ve completed all the stages.

stage 8 is hard watch out


hey Dani man im quite a fan but ive messed with the game so much and found some bugs to help u out with!!
-holding an enemy weapon after killing them and spamming E while walking causes a rapidfire shot
-Rapidly sliding and gives you lightning speed
-while flying downwards and landing on an enemy make u stuck in a falling position with the enemy
-the enemies have way to OP aim

Just some reports that i got -CR055

you forgot that youz can climb walls ( walk aginst it and spamm jump)

this dude's awesome. Skip to 15:42


Hahaha that's amazing, made me laught when he went "KARLSON WILL KILL ALL OF YOU" :DD

uh oh stinky

hello dani i like karlson could u make more stage;)

uh oh stinky

hello dani i like karlson could u make more stage;)


you have to explode the tnt to go up

Pretty cool game.

Please put more of your games on mobile (android/iphone)

cant get it :c



Fun game 10/10


that was legitness


What language was this made in? Really cool game but I'm trying to get into programming and can't decide what language is best to start off with for game development...


This was most likely made with C# because he is using unity


C# Yeah :)


Usually c# is the best language to start with as unity uses it, if you want to use unreal engine (although some could say that's overkill) then c++ is best but the languages are quite similar.

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If you suck at video games  i have something for you! i made a easy mode of the game.


enemies dont shoot you

shooting while not holding direction keys (A or D) gives you speed hack+fast fire

how to install:

1. go into the directory of the game, go into karlson_data, go into the managed folder,

2. paste the "Assembly-CSharp peaceful mod.dll" into the managed folder, rename it into "Assembly-CSharp.dll" and make sure to delete the old assembly-csharp.dll. 

3. now launch the game and it should work. 

4. if you wanna play the normal version then paste the  "Assembly-CSharp original.dll" into the managed folder and rename it to "Assembly-CSharp.dll". again, make sure to delete the other assembly-csharp file

click here to download.

tip: if you cant manage to boost yourself up into the building in stage 8 you can go up to the wall, hold D and spam spacebar. you will slowly move up. this can be done on any wall btw

daddy dani please dont punish me for modding your game


add a level creator and a way to play the levels of others. this game seems perfect for a level editor.


the game is awesome if you were to add somethings i would recommend perks eg double jump and armor that you can unlock by defeating a boss or completing a stage ps. dink your milk and hit the sack  

Love it! I always wanted a Super Hot-like game, and now we got one! Thanks daddy Dani!



ofc! Daddy dani :) do you watch his video's? He uses the word daddy a lot!

Hi. First of all, the game is amazing! But it has some bugs.. (Yeah, I know.. It has been made at a game jam..).

1. The game doesn't like ultrawide monitors.. The settings buttons aren't on screen

2. If you keep repeatedly mash the slide button, it will build up crazy amounts of speed. (Cool speedrun mechanic, but it's a bug)

These are the bugs I found during gameplay.

Thanks for making awesome games! Keep up the good work!

also, spamming left click and e at the same time gives you ultra super mega shooting on any weapon. its literally a laser.

more please 

Make a level editor

When Its Available For : IOS & ANDROID/SAMSUNG, ???



Great job. Keep up with this!


dani ima big fan and a fan of this game  karlson is a masterpiece!!!

pls make more games like this.from your fan.

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