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Can this game play version mod apk, Play on Android device?


Pretty good for such a, "bad game" :)


good game brah i watc vids an cool eeee i subbed btw


Pretty good game. wish there was a windowed mode, htf am i meant to play this in class?

Dani I can't move. I had to shut down the game. Why
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"BULLET RAIN" for 100mil? Nice game btw. 420/69!


can you make an option to not do fullscreen? one of the primary reasons i don't play baldi's basics is because there's no option.


Why you don't make a VR game? Or you cant do that?


LOL, He Can't Actually Do It

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Well if he doesn't have a vr headset he can't.


Good game, but can u make a VR game? or u cant?

saw part of vid


cool but you can you make a VR game? or u cant?


This game is so f**king good


Hi dani ( and blackthor prod ), I was just wondering.....

Can U make a game in 20 minutes, ore even 30 secs? Bet U can't...


Dani, Oh Dani. You got it wrong, It's Good Game... Dreadful Graphics.

Anything Dani made cant be bad. right?

For a bad game, this is excellent!


Ty for this game is sooo bad, 5/5

it works for me

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Why is the game in macosx called "mac" instead of "Bad game"? :0

this game is needing an update

It's a bad game. Thats the reason lmao


this game is a virus, dont download it


umm no its not and why

Yah its not

Avg and Avast suck, just disable them Generic Virus don't make a damn difference

It is not a virus I have played all of his games an dI have found out the he is very honest


this shit doesn't open,it just black screen and closed


this shit doesn't open

How do i reset the game?


you need to download the app on your computer for the game to work. if you use windows and maybe mac and linux


You cant open the mac version for me it doesn't work?

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someone please help. as soon as i turn on the game, the menu comes for 1 sec and the screen blackens, though the game is still running behind as i can hear its music and the task manager shows it as running. Please help


i mean its called "bad game" lol


dani does not want u to play

this is a good game. as good as my newest game, wich some call bad, some call good.

very bad lmao

This is so bad it's good

this is a bad game


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10/10 Bad game = Good Game


Its good, and fun, for like 5 minutes. Probably one of those games I would play on break at work, after lunch whilst I have some time or something.. if I had a job.

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Im sorry but it was made IN 30 MINUTES right here

think before you speak

There's nothing wrong with saying it gets boring after a while, all games do that, just some longer than others


this game is bad wth


me like game


actually it don't work


so I guess me no like game


I think it is 10/10 ngl.


0/10, bad game


it was made in 30 minute

Deleted 15 days ago

i just got it

i give it a 6/10,because it's pretty fun! also the music is very cool! :D i have seen your vid

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