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haha blue square go zoo


I really like your game and thanks for giving native support to linux


false promotion this is called bad game why is it good game then




the game didn't save for me so i lost all of my progress when playing on mac    :(

well thats why its called bad game


bad game, bruh. mine are worse. this game is actually very fun! Spent around an hour playing this, until I bought and maxed everything out in the shop. 

drink yo milk gamerz





hah not bad at all better than some of fb .io games


gaem is broken...


i love it call bad game TO good game

Not that bad, tho my eyes hurt.

Skip to 11:06

mr dami lol

game not dat bad homie but promise me you wont make another game in 30 mins

the game is really bad

search up cube then download it boiiiiiiiii


Hey I am a beginner please download my game and comment on it.

hey dani, many Aussie school kids can not get your games because our schools have blocked it. could you please release these games on steam then more people would be able to play then and you would get more publisitary and stuff


Hey I am a beginner please check out my game, it is linked to my account


I thought you were just promoting

Pretty much the only way to actually get noticed if people don't promote their stuff.


Hmm. I wonder sometimes while such simple games are exported to large files by game engine. Is all that needed ? A bad game weghing 30mb ?


congrats DANI

wont let me go in the folder on windows



got three more level yeeeeeeeee

How are you THAT bad good



sorry I don't speak ching chong

It's a joke lol

well that was a joke too I take everything to seriously gu



Worst game! Worst than Sonic 06!

bäd gäem



i love that on more health you just don't take damage from generic red blocks

it no work on mac help

It seems that all of his games  don't work on macOS, I have a Mac, I feel the pain to. I would recommend you just install Windows  with Bootcamp. That's what I'm using right now, and that should work.

hey Dani do you know any free websites or videos that can help me with my first game, i already made one it is from brackeys tutorial i want to make my own using my own idea so pls link any vids or sites thank yo


I have no idea why, but this was super relaxing.


get it on androld

Hey Dani please check my game.... I am beginner

your account dont have a game linked to it


Wery gud geme

welllllllll shit

what the fucking fuck

uhhhhh hehe another highscore

my best is 15mil


That's incredible, My highest score is only 1 million


it's a longggggggg time to get the highscore

It keeps saying windows protected my device and it won't run.\


click more info and than run away

I lllllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee this game

bad reviwe


Good observation, Mr. Obvious.


I took my chances & downloaded it, if you wanna know what I think on this game, peep this youtube video I embedded i featured this game in my new series, skip to around 23:22


What a bad game


(its a pretty e p i c game...) not gonna lie


Does the game auto update or do you have to redownload the game for it to update?

You Need To Re-download It via itch but it will automatically update on Google Play

I started the game got points and got bullets and started the game and done nothing for 30 min and I can't play because the bullets distroy everything and I need to close the game to get out but I lost all the points there was 20,000 points

well igot 12006600

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